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Veowork VC800 4K AI Video Soundbar with Face Framing and Voice Tracking


VC800 adopts a compact integrated design, which integrates powerful audio and video functions.

It employs a variety of advanced AI intelligent algorithms, integrated face detection, sound source localization, voice tracking and other AI intelligent framing technology, can automatically adjust thesize of the picture according to the number of participants and location changes to achieve the best framing. The camera detects the speaker’s position in real time, and the locked object presents a close-up, without manually adjusting the camera operation, to provide a simpler, focused meeting experience. USB plug and play, easy to connect to personal devices for video conference at any time. VC800 is the ideal choice for small and medium-sized conference rooms.


4K ePTZ Camera | 120° Large Wide-angle Lens | 1/2.8" Sensor CMOS | 5x Digital Zoom | Built-In 6 Digital Microphones Array  


8.0MP Camera for 4K Ultra HD Images

Veowork VC800 4K Video Soundbar is equipped with a 4K ePTZ camera that delivers high-quality video. This camera is capable of zooming in and out, panning, and tilting to capture every detail of the meeting. It offers a resolution of 3840x2160 at 30 frames per second, providing clear and sharp images.


Super Wide Viewing Angle without Distortion

The soundbar also has a 120° super wide-angle lens that ensures that everyone in the room is visible during the conference. With such a broad field of view, there is no need to squeeze together to fit into the camera's frame.


Voice Tracking | Built-in Speaker

Veowork VC800 4K Video Soundbar has a smart feature that can locate and track the speaker's voice. The soundbar's built-in speakers are designed to eliminate ambient noise, ensuring clear audio. Moreover, the soundbar is equipped with an intelligent face-tracking feature that can detect the speaker's face and automatically adjust the camera to ensure that they are always in the center of the screen.


Intelligent Framing

Built-in face detection algorithm, automatically detect participants, and provide ideal framing.

Efficient and Intelligent DSP

With the DSP, the background noise will be effectively canceled and optimized for ultra-clear conversation in the meetings.


Compatibility with All Leading Communication Apps

Easy connections with USB cables for starting online conferences on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and Google Hangout, etc.



Model VC800
Intelligent 4K Video Bar
Camera Image Sensor 1/2.8 inch, 8.0 MP
Zoom 5X EPTZ
Video Output Maximum 4K
AI Auto Framing Auto framing, speaker tracking
Lens 120°D/107.2°H/74.1°V
Video Resolution 4K/30 downward compatibility
Audio Mics 6 X digital array microphpne
Audio Range 6 meters
Audio Processing AEC & AGC & ANS & Voice Localization
Speaker 2*7W
Control Remote Control IR Remote Control
Back Panel USB 1*USB3.0 compatible with USB2.0, type B
Audio Jack 1*3.5mm linear input
Power Port HEC3800 power socket(DC12V)
Wall Mount
Wall mount bracket